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Current Opportunities

Accounts Administrator

Riverlock is located in Opotiki 8kms out of the Opotiki township in the rural country on the Waioeka Straight. Surrounded by farm, kiwifruit orchards, and situated right next to the post-harvest facility.

Riverlock Group Holdings is seeking an experienced Accounts Administrator to cover maternity leave. 

The Finance team processes accounts for 3 dairy farms, 1 dairy support unit, a post-harvest facility, and numerous orchards. 

What we offer:

  • Full time: a minimum of 30 hours a week and can be flexible.
  • Fixed term until February 2023
  • A great team to work with

About you:

  • Excellent numeracy and analytical skills
  • Attention to detail is a must
  • Proven ability to problem solve
  • Working knowledge of microsoft office
  • Team player
  • Great communication skills and relationship building with the internal stakeholders


  • Assist with payroll during the peak season
  • AP & AR
  • Stock Reconciliation
  • Data Entry
  • Assisting with other administrative/accounts tasks as required

Post-Harvest (Packhouse):

  • Team Supervisors – Implementing company policies and monitoring staff, team numbers every shift, and have the ability to diffuse conflict and show empathy towards staff.
  • Fruit controller – Checking bin card to ensure the pick date is correct before packing commences. Controlling the speed of the bin tip and taking out softs and rots when required.
  • Box Maker – Making boxes for the production team to pack fruit, doing daily stocktake of shocks and assembled packaging to ensure there is enough packaging for keep going for the season. This is at a contract rate.
  • Machine Operator – Controls the speed and lanes of the packing machine and needs to continuously watch the machine to ensure there are no issues and communicate with the floor team to ensure their teams are handling the speed. Needs the ability to troubleshoot any problems that arise.
  • Label Bank Operator – Checks the labels banks to ensure the correct fruit labels are in the right place and changes the reels when indicated.
  • Grader – Grading the fruit to Zespri quality specifications for export to world markets.
  • Reject analysis – Checking the reject fruit from the graders belt to analyse what defects are being rejected.
  • Quality Controller – Inspecting the packaging, labels and fruit to ensure that is it to Zespri export standards.
  • Weights and counts – Continuously checking the packing line to ensure the fruit is within the weight band of each fruit size and the counts are correct in the bulk boxes.
  • Tray Preparer – Prepping the packing for packing fruit in a timely manner. Lining bulk boxes with a poly liner or lining trays with a poly liner and the correct size plix.
  • Packer – Packing the fruit into the box and flattening the top, wrap the poly liner and tuck the sides down (to keep the moisture off the fruit), and close the lid and push to the stacker.
  • Stacker – Labelling the boxes with the correct EAN label and stacking the labelled boxes onto the correct pallet.
  • Strapper – Pulls the pallet from the production floor and takes it to the strapping machine to be strapped and then takes the pallet to the EAN office to be palletised. If the strapping machine is down, the strapper will have to manually strap the pallets.
  • Precool loader – Loads the palletised pallet in the precool in a timely manner. If there are no pallets on the floor, the loader will help the stackers on the production line.
  • EAN – Palletising the pallets with the correct information getting it ready for precool.
  • Forklift Operator – Follow the instructions of the Coolstore Manager and Packhouse Operations Manager. Be prepared to work in the coolstore or yard. (Current OSH/forklift certificate required.) 
  • Packhouse Cleaner – Keep the packhouse hygienically clean by vacuuming the dust around the machine (during breaks) and the floor, sanitising the high touch areas such as buttons, EAN label machines, tables, etc.
  • Facilities Cleaner – Keep the lunchroom, toilets and outside smoko areas clean and tidy after each break, ensure dishes are washed after each break and the tea and coffees are ready before each break, restock the paper towels, handwash, sanitiser, and toilet rolls. At the end of the shift, aprons need to be washed and put in the drier ready for the next shift.   


  • General orchard hand – Be available all year round for orchard work such as winter pruning, summer pruning, tipping, picking kiwifruit, male pruning, and possibly some tractor driving.
  • Orchard spray and maintenance team – Handling hazardous chemicals for orchard spraying, spraying the orchards within the opportune window, mowing, mulching, and weed spraying in the orchards.
  • Infrastructure repair and maintenance team – Repairing and maintaining the current orchard infrastructure and developing new orchard infrastructure. 


  • Farm Assistant – Assists in milking, cleans the milking shed, reports any health and welfare issues on the farm, sets break fences, feeds out, weed control, repair fences, uses machinery safely, and models health and safety awareness on the farm.
  • Assistant Manager/2IC – The backbone to the Farm manager, supervising the milking from the paddock to the shed, supports and trains staff, identifies and treats the stock’s health issues, safely uses, and maintains farm vehicles and machinery.
  • Farm manager – Manages the farms day to day tasks, implements, or updates new farm systems, discusses achievements, issues and concerns about the farm to the dairy director, monitors farm and staff performance, and facilitates annual staff reviews.  

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